"After 50 years in the music business, one tends to think you've just about heard it all, especially in the classical and acoustic worlds, where traditional boundaries of what sounds "good" are fairly well-defined.

But then on rare occasion a Karter Brown comes along. His music is fresh and full of delightful sonic surprises, yet he uses traditional tonalities. He's far deeper and sensitive than others who resort to odd modalities and awkward rhythms in order to be "new" or "fresh".

With his delightful imagination and musical intuition he's invented "new" within the bounds of pleasant tradition. He uses that to great effect in support of his primary compositional interest, film scoring. Setting mood and tension is a mainstay of that artform, and Karter does those very well.

And yet, one can listen to a Graham composition without the film, and sit back in happy wonderment at what you're hearing. Chromatic and rhythmic easter eggs abound; each one is an unexpected delight.

Devote four to ten minutes to one of his compositions; it will be time well spent. Go back for additional listens to savor again what you heard, or pick up on the the things you missed the first time.

Frank Stearns
Recording Producer/Audio Engineer"